Business Insurance

We can help protect your business against the unexpected hazards you encounter. Using our extensive experience in commercial insurance, we partner with you to create insurance programs that will allow you to focus on your business.

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We offer the following commercial insurance products (click on any of the items below for more information):

      -General Liability
      -Commercial Property
      -Commercial Auto
      -Professional Liability
      -Workers Compensation

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Coverage Glossary

Business Auto Policy (BAP)

A standardized contract for writing liability and property coverage on commercial autos.

Business Income Coverage

Insurance protecting the income derived from an insured’s business activities when curtailed peril. Coverage includes reasonable extra the insured undertakes to expedite return to business operations.

Business Personal Property

A term relating to “contents” of a commercial enterprise, it may include furniture, fixtures, machinery and equipment as well as stock, all other chattels owned by the insured, and even use interest in building improvements and betterments.

Business Owners Policy (BOP)

A package of property and liability insurance for small and medium size businesses, the BOP owes its origin to the success of the homeowners policy.

Commercial General Liability (CGL)

The CGL policy is an ISO form, widely used to provide commercial enterprises with premises and operations liability coverage, products and completed operations insurance and personal injury coverage. Premises medical payments coverage is often included as well.

Employee Dishonesty Coverage

Insurance protecting employers from loss due to theft by their employees.

Employers Liability Insurance

A feature of standard workers compensation policies, this coverage applies to liability that may be imposed on an employer outside the provisions of a worker compensation law.


Errors & Omissions Coverage

A type of professional liability insurance protecting the insured against claims alleging bodily injury or property damage caused by the professional or technical incompetence of the insured.

Garage Policy

One of the early package policies, it is written for automobile dealers and may include liability for garage operations, automobile operations, physical damage coverage on garage owned autos, bailees coverage on customers cars, and auto and premises medical payments coverage.

Garagekeepers Liability

A bailee coverage applying to automobiles. Commonly included in garage policies, it may be written to provide coverage for limited perils or for comprehensive physical damage, with or without collision damage coverage. Coverage may be expressed as covering the legal liability of the garagekeeper or amended to cover on a direct basis, as primary insurance or excess.

Products & Completed Operations Liability

The liability exposure of the manufacturer whose malfunctioning products may cause injury or property damage or of the contractors whose failed structures or projects may do the same. Coverage of the exposure is a feature of the commercial general liability policy. The insurance does not in any way constitute a guarantee of either the insured’s product or work. Contrast with “premises and operations liability..”

Professional Liability

A form of errors and omissions insurance, (sometimes called “malpractice” coverage of errors alleged against those in the healing and legal professions). Arbitrarily it seems, “error and omissions” is the term applied most often to insurance covering liability for mistakes in matters affecting property, i.e., coverage for “Insurance Agents E&O,” “Architects E&O while “professional liability” is used in reference to coverages such as “Druggists Professional Liability,” Physicians and Surgeons Professional Liability,” and “Lawyers Professional Liability.”

Workers Compensation

A policy conforming to state law, which pays benefits to an employee (or an employee’s family) if the employee suffers a job-related injury (including death), or disease related to work.